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AMPTEC 620LK Intrinsically Safe Bonding Ohmmeter

The AMPTEC 620LK is an affordable and highly accurate In-circuit Connection-Resistance bond tester. Additionally, the 620LK has two (2) low ohmic ranges to confirm bonding resistance. The 200mΩ range provides .01 mΩ resolution while the 2Ω range provides 0.1mΩ. Originally designed for Lockheed Martin, the 620LK product line comes from a long lineage of intrinsically safe bonding testing equipment that now occupies a more commercialized space.


The AMPTEC 620LK Bonding Ohmmeter is an Intrinsically Safe Bonding Resistance Tester. This meter is capable of performing bonding measurements on a variety of components including metal-to-metal connections. The 620LK has been independently UL-913 certified, ensuring quality and safety at each step of manufacturing. Due to its Safety Certifications and high level of accuracy, the Amptec 620LK meter is the choice bond tester for countless Aircraft Maintenance Shops as well as many Commercial Airliners, while its sibling the 620UK-B is in countless USAF programs.

AMPTEC 620LK Intrinsically Safe Bonding Tester Ohmmeter

The AMPTEC 620LK Bonding Milli-Ohmmeter is UL-913 approved as an Intrinsically Safe apparatus for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D locations for ambient temperatures from -20° C to 50° C (T3 zones). The AMPTEC 620LK meter is also MIL. STD. 810 MTD. 511 approved for use in explosive and volatile fuel-laden atmospheres.

The 620LK purchase includes:

  • 620LK Intrinsically Safe Bonding Tester Ohmmeter
  •  Kelvin Cable Lead Set (630-406) & (630-405S) probes
  • NIST traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Manual downloadable
  • Warranty letter

AMPTEC 620LK Safe Bonding Ohmmeter

AMPTEC 620LK LM Pkg Includes:

  • 620LK Bonding Ohmmeter
  • (630-100) padded case
  • (630-405S) probes
  • (630-406S) probes
  • Spare set of (OP-PT-SP) spear probe tips
  • U.S. N.I.S.T accuracy traceable Calibration Certificate.

AMPTEC 620LK Aircraft Bonding Ohmmeter


The  620LK Bonding Ohmmeter is available for purchase in two separate packages (620LK-HR), and is compatible
with  the 630/640/641 Series accessory line.
RANGE 200 mΩ 2 Ω


.01 mΩ         

.1 mΩ

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Includes 620LK Bonding Ohmmeter, (630-100) padded case, (630-406S) probes, spare probe tips(OP-PT-SP) & NIST traceable Calibration Certificate

620LK-LM Pkg.

Includes 620LK bonding ohmmeter, (630-100) padded case, (630-405S) probes, (630-406S) probes, spare set of (OP-PT-SP) spear probe tips, & U.S. N.I.S.T Calibration Certificate.

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