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ATEquip Distributor for Amptec Intrinsically Safe – Fail Safe Aircraft Bonding & Igniter Ohmmeters



About AMPTEC Research and ATEquip

AMPTEC Research designs and manufactures Intrinsically Safe electronic measurement instrumentation for Aerospace, Aircraft and Military Igniter testing and bonding applications. AMPTEC proudly has over thirty years of product engineering and development experience providing ultimate-safe-solutions for both igniter and bonding integrity testing solutions in unique world-wide Aircraft, Missile, Defense and hostile Aerospace environments. AMPTEC’s line of Intrinsically Safe testers are designed and manufactured in Austin Texas, USA.

For over 20 years, ATEquip has been a worldwide distributor for AMPTEC RESEARCH’s product line of Intrinsically Safe ~ Ultra Safe ~ Fail Safe series of test instruments. These safety testers are mission-oriented designs specifically for the stringent, often volatile, fuel-laden vaporous environments encountered in military and commercial Aircraft hangar maintenance shops as well as for Military and Aerospace missile testing. The “Fail-Safe” feature ensures that the current flow in the test leads, under any catastrophic condition, will never exceed a pre-specified safe current level.

ATEquip is a SAM.GOV Cage Code 5PF05 registered company with the New Entity ID: H5H4KAHBASC7

AMPTEC RESEARCH is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Accredited Quality Management System Company