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Amptec 620UK-V4 Intrinsically Safe Igniter Tester Ohmmeter

AMPTEC 620UK-V4 Intrinsically Safe Igniter Tester Ohmmeter  

The AMPTEC 620UK-V4 Ohmmeters is a portable EEX Intrinsically Safe Digital Igniter Tester designed for ultra-safe resistance testing on squibs, flares, bridge-wire, and other explosive devices. The 620UK-V4’s Failsafe and Intrinsically Safe design allows it to comply with the EU ATEX Directive, the Intrinsic Safety Standard EEX-9B-IIC-T4, and USA MIL. STD. 810F, as well as many other international defense standards. 

Amptec’s 620UK-V4 is a 4-wire Kelvin configured Ohmmeter which automatically compensates both for lead wire and contact resistance. This is most significant on the lower Ohmic ranges.  The Amptec620UK-V-4 models offer resistance measurement and testing of explosive or volatile devices.  Some of the ordinance type devices the 620UK and 620UK-V4  may be used on ordinance devices including: fuses, squibs, igniters, EBW, explosive bolts, rocket motor squibs, explosive bolts etc.

The Amptec 620UK-V4 Safety Igniter Tester purchase includes:

  • 620UK-V4 Safety Igniter Tester Ohmmeter
  • 620UK-305V4 lead set
  • NIST traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Manual (downloadable)
  • Warranty letter 

Amptec 620UK-V4 Abbreviated Specifications

Range2 Ω20Ω200Ω2KΩ20KΩ200KΩ2MΩ
 Test Current5mA5mA.5mA50uA5uA.05uA50nA
Failsafe 8mA8mA1.5mA150uA15uA1.5uA150nA

 Amptec 620UK-V4  Shipping:
Weight: 8lbs | Dimensions: 12x6x12in

HS Code: 9030.1000




The  620UK-V4 Intrinsically Safe Igniter Tester is compatible with  the 630 Series Test leads.
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Package Description Price


Includes 620UK 2-wire ohmmeter, (630-100) padded case, (620UK-305) leads, & U.S. N.I.S.T Calibration Certificate


Includes 620UK 4-wire ohmmeter, (630-100) padded case, (620UK-305V4) leads, & U.S. N.I.S.T Calibration Certificate.