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Amptec 620MG Intrinsically Safe Failsafe Systems Igniter Tester-Ohmmeter

AMPTEC 620MG Intrinsically Safe Igniter Circuit Ohmmeter Tester


AMPTEC RESEARCH 620MG Intrinsically Safe Igniter Circuit Tester Ohmmeter  ~Auto-Range ~Diode Test

The Amptec 620MG Igniter Tester is an Auto-Ranging Intrinsically Safe-Failsafe portable/bench Digital Ohmmeter. It is specifically designed for Ultra-safe Resistance circuit testing of squibs, flares, bridge-wire, Airbag detonators and other pyrotechnic explosive devices. With 4 ½ digit resolution (19999) and 7-Ranges, 2Ω-20Ω-200Ω-2KΩ and  20KΩ-200KΩ-2MΩ, the 620MG provides Safe and stable resistance measurements each and every time.

The 620MG lends itself to Systems Testing applications with its standard RS232C Interface built-in, along with the OP-247 Optically Isolated Power supply. This Optically Power Supply provides an additional safety measure by optically isolating the unit from the power main resulting in no ground loops. The Amptec 620MG is but one of several thousand Amptec Igniter Testers actively supporting the Military and Industry today.

The 620MG is clone/derived from the AMPTEC 620A-4 Intrinsically Safe, Fail-Safe Igniter Circuit Tester. Attributed to its proven and documented intense Self-Safety design along with numerous safety certifications, the 620A-4 and its family of AMPTEC 620 Series of Igniter Circuit Testers are the Industry Standard for Military, Aircraft and Aerospace programs requiring Ultra-Safe Igniter Circuit Testing. AMPTEC’s 620MG Safety Ohmmeter is approved by the USAF Non-Nuclear Munitions Safety Board for usage on all non-nuclear munitions. It is independently certified to meet Mil. Std. 810 Mtd. 511’s Intrinsically Safety Standards for usage in fuel-laden vaporous environments. It features a maximum Fail-Safe current level of 8mA on all ranges.

AMPTEC RESEARCH 620MG Abbreviated Specifications

Range 20Ω 200Ω 2KΩ 20KΩ 200KΩ 2MΩ


5mA 0.5mA 50uA




Failsafe  8mA 8mA 8mA 8mA 8mA 8mA 8mA
Reso-lution 0.1mΩ 1mΩ 10mΩ 100mΩ 10Ω


  • Includes:
     Intrinsically Safe Igniter Tester Ohmmeter
  • Kelvin Cable Probe Lead Set (OP-300)
  • RS232C Interface (Internal) (OP-232)
  • Optically Isolated Power (OP-247)
    Diode Test
  • NIST traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Manual (downloadable)
  • Warranty letter


AMPTEC 620MG Shipping:
Weight: 8-lbs | Dimensions: 12x6x12in

HS Code: 9030.1000





The 620MG Intrinsically Safe Bonding Tester-Ohmmeter is  is compatible
with  the 620 Series accessory line.
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Includes 620MG Failsafe Ohmmeter, (OP-232) RS232C interface, (OP-247) Optically Isolated Power, Diode Test capability, (OP-300) Kelvin Lead Set, & NIST traceable Calibration Certificate w/Data

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AMPTEC RESEARCH is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Accredited Quality Management System Company